Why Divorce Makes You Sad

Why Divorce Makes You Sad

Why Divorce Makes You Sad

Today we tackle the question of: why divorce makes you sad? It is not an easy answer. Nor should it be. We are complicated creatures, human beings. To pigeonhole ourselves into one reason or the other ignores the whole person. Below we discuss the general five phases that happen after divorce. While not an exhaustive list, it does help to give a good start for understanding and coping with the sadness of divorce.


At first we typically deny a divorce is happening. We tell ourselves that this is not happening, that we can make it work, and we can fix this. We look for any way for our marriage to go back together, denying the truth: it is over. This leads us to false delusion and false hope.


Anger comes next. This is when we realize that we cannot deny or fix our circumstances and we lash out. We either get mad at ourselves, our loved ones, or both. It is unhealthy, but a part of the process we generally go through. We get mad and angry and upset and begin to workout our issues through aggression, but soon find that this accomplishes nothing.


Next we bargain. But with whom? God? Ourselves? Our spouse? There is no clear answer. We begin to look for a means to avoid the inevitable and hope that we can somehow come to find a solution that best fits what we want. We try to make deals with life itself to stop the sinking feeling the divorce has on us.


Next we typically sink into a depression. The entire divorce pushes us down and we lose hope. We feel disconnected from the world and want to leave everything we love. Depression is very serious and can be dangerous. Best to try to seek therapy or some other means to cope with depression in a healthy manner.


We have made it through the divorce and settle on the fact that it just did not work. We are divorced and now accept that. We are healthier and better now that we accept that.


We hope you enjoy our article over: why divorce makes you sad. Feeling blue after this? Check out our other article over Why Divorce Makes You Happy. If you have questions regarding divorce, custody, or child support contact us here HERE. Our trusted and tried lawyers are waiting to help you avoid disaster in divorce. We are here to live up to our mission: We Make People Single.

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