When Will Congress Fix Immigration

When Will Congress Fix Immigration

When Will Congress Fix Immigration

Like us you probably wonder: when will Congress fix immigration? It is a complicated question and an even more complicated answer. Let us consider the current events unfolding in US immigration.

The Good

The good news is that several Republicans have finally joined in wanting to press for immigration reform. The Washington Post writes more about it here. But the skinny is that lawmakers are getting closer to a consensus to the fact that the US immigration system needs some type of relief for those affected by it. DACA participants need something and it looks like Congress may be close.

The Bad and The Ugly

The bad news and the truly ugly is that this is still a very uncertain issue. The immigration system in the United States is both complicated and due for a drastic overhaul. But it is difficult to do that while making everyone happy.

There are decades of court interpretations and administrative decisions composing immigration law. To undo it all could cause issues. Congress is already divided enough between racist tendencies and other bias, but on top of that there are actual legal procedures to consider.

The Great

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