What is Obstruction of a Highway

What is Obstruction of a Highway

What is Obstruction of a Highway?

Interesting question: what is obstruction of a highway? It is a godsend for some and a great punishment for others. Like everything, it has a good and a bad and an ugly. But also like everything, there is the guiding hope of Saldivar Brannan to be there and be your affordable, friendly, neighborhood attorneys.

The Good

If you are arrested for DWI in Texas and it is your first offense, several things can happen to you in dealing with your case. You can take straight probation. You could take pre-trial diversion. Or you could get obstruction of a highway. In some counties they will do pre-trial diversion where you do some classes and report to probation and then they dismiss your case after a while. But not all Texas counties offer pre-trial diversion on DWI.

Most counties offer an obstruction of a highway as a “lesser” plea. With this you generally take a plea of deferred to obstructing a highway and it avoids a DWI conviction. This is generally for first time offenders and still comes with a criminal record, but obstruction a highway is not as severe. With obstruction you have a class B misdemeanor on your record that will not severely limit your options in life.

The Bad and The Ugly

Bad news is that it is still a criminal conviction on your record and could lead to all sorts of consequences. From losing your job to impacting your ability to get a professional license, there are still consequences.

And, generally, the charge you plea to is for obstructing a highway while operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. So, if anyone ever takes a close look at the court records they will know that it was a reduced DWI.

The Great

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