What is Chain Immigration

What is Chain Immigration

What is Chain Immigration?

Today we address an often cited, but often misunderstood term: what is chain immigration? It is not a very complicated answer, but people seem to misuse it. So, here we go.

Chain Immigration

Chain immigration is a term used to describe when people from one location seem to cause a trend which leads other from the area to follow their migration. Don wants to leave Quebec and move to New York. He leaves. Well, Carol and Phillis decide to follow him and then others follow them. Soon there are tens of dozens moving to New York because of the following Don started.

This is chain migration, as it were. It also covers when someone brings their family with them or at a later date.

Why is It Important

Political pundits and the government love to use the term to highlight what they want people to perceive as a problem. Saying chain immigration without context can be foreboding and it drives people to fear something that is not there.

It is a political weapon used to create stereotype and aggressive tendencies towards people of different national origin or apparent national origin. It is scary and terrible, but we wanted to post this to clear the air. This is a term used in science to study the migration patterns of human beings. Not a tool to degrade and infuriate them.

Please be smart. Evaluate your world and the words in it before you use them to describe and demean a whole nation or group. You can find more HERE.

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