What is a Motion to Suppress?

What is a Motion to Suppress?

What is a Motion to Suppress?

Today we talk about the following: what is a motion to suppress? Well, that depends on what you are suppressing. There are a wide range of things to suppress, and each case demands an attorney to file different motions for different reasons.

Typical Motion….

Most often, an attorney will file a motion to suppress where a party was arrested without a warrant. That is because on its face, a warrantless arrest is often seen as the subject of challenge. Your attorney will attempt to suppress the arrest by demonstrating that there was some defect in course of the arrest. Either the cops took too long, they did not have probable cause or reasonable suspicion, or maybe the cops went beyond the scope of the search they could do. There are very numerous reasons for a potential suppression, and your attorney will pursue the best course.

But Wait, There’s More….

There are more types of suppression motions your lawyer can file of course, but they depend on a case by case basis.Each criminal case has its own set of facts. These facts necessitate a review by an attorney for a detailed analysis over what should be filed and when. A typical case can have one or two motions filed, but some can have over ten if that is what is required and it takes a great lawyer to find these issues and raise them with the court.

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