What are Sanctuary Cities

What are Sanctuary Cities

What are Sanctuary Cities

Have you ever wondered what are sanctuary cities? Well, today we answer that and hopefully give you insight into why they need protecting.

Sanctuary cities are metropolitan areas that are safe zones for immigrants. They do not necessarily operate to enforce immigration law, allow Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) to give them directives, or punish immigrants with biased stops.

These areas, which are also in European countries, ultimately do not work in cooperation with their respective national immigration authorities. They receive special notice and praise from the immigrant community. Sanctuary cities offer not only a safe zone for legal immigrants, but for illegal immigrants a swell. And that is where they draw criticism.

Recently, many such cities are befalling intense criticism and legal changes from their respective states. The state of Tennessee is currently in the throws of banning sanctuary cities. You can read more about that HERE. But big government, specifically conservatives, are moving to ban the creation and use of sanctuary cities. They intend to cut out any protects afforded immigrants of any nature.

These are places that need to be protected. Immigration is a necessary function of creating a wealthy and stable American society and without it, we fail.

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