The Five Hundred Dollar Mutual Divorce

The Five Hundred Dollar Mutual Divorce
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The Five Hundred Dollar Mutual Divorce, what is it?

In Texas, as in most states, the vast majority of divorces result in settlement between the parties as is. But, the average divorce can cost from $2500 and up with traditional legal fees. Why fight? There is an easier solution. The five hundred dollar mutual divorce is the solution to the question of how to end your marriage without issue.

Are you agreed to how your will split property? How about if you have children? Are you agreed on custody and child support? Is everything else agreed to in your divorce? Then, we can help. We can definitely help.

We provide a no hassle method for representation for the five hundred dollar mutual divorce. As long as both parties are agreed to all the above, we will represent you, one single party in the divorce, and work with the other party (spouse) to settle the divorce. This includes filing the petition and we finalize an order in the course of a few informal meetings that is then filed and proven before the court.

This process is painless from a price perspective and gives you a freedom you have never experienced before in dealing with a lawyer. Let us help you attain your freedom and go on with life with as little a hiccup as possible. Separating and getting a divorce are hard as they stand, let us make it a little easier.

Call us today at 2103632687 or contact us HERE. Our consultations are always free and are willing to meet on weekends with scheduled consultations. Remember, freedom is a call away and we are your $500 divorce attorneys. Don’t let the price fool you, we fight hard and will earn your respect and admiration.

Divorce is hard, let us make it a little easier and help you avoid disaster in the law.

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