Texas DWI Defense

Texas DWI Defense

Coming to the conclusion that you need a good Texas DWI defense is the first step in affording yourself the opportunity to come out of the situation better. But what are defenses to a DWI? Well, here a few possible defenses. Remember, every case is different and no two fact patterns can be the same, but generally here are some defenses that can be raised:

  • Not having the blood or breath makes it considerably more difficult for the prosecuting attorney to prove their case. From there they have to rely on the witness testimony that you were so “gone” that you lacked the use of your mental faculties.
  • If all they have is witness testimony, then we are looking at a whole new ball game. Now it comes down to preparation on the jury and the witness. The witnesses will likely not talk to your attorney before the hearing. So, your attorney must make sure that in picking the jury, they can get people that understand that reasonable doubt is key. This can be difficult. But once this is done, the witnesses can be questioned and if there is any doubt as to the soundness of their testimony and the facts, then you have created an err of doubt.
  • Another way, if there is blood or breath, is to attack the science. From this you attack the lab that performed the test, have your own test ran, and confirm the blood results. If they do not match, we has issues to raise in defense. With breath, if the machine was faulty, if it was old, or not calibrated. There are numerous issues to raise.

Remember, you need an attorney in dealing with a DWI. The list above is just a taste of things to know in a Texas DWI defense. There are many other angle to consider. Whether you go with us or another attorney, you need a good attorney on your side to see that justice is done.

If you are in trouble for a DWI and feel that you need help, contact us here and we will be there. We charge a $500 flat fee for representing clients on a misdemeanor in Bexar County. Call today for your free consultation.


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