Texas Divorce Property Split

Texas Divorce Property Split

Texas Divorce Property Split

This week, what is the Texas divorce property split? A Texas Divorce is no different than any other state except that Texas is community property state. A community property state means that any and everything acquired during a marriage is owned equally by the parties. At the basic foundation,the law provides one-half of everything to both parties.

Community Property State

There are nine community property states in the United States today. Texas to California and even Washington state are community property states. And they all assume that everything acquired during marriage are equally owned by the parties.

Community property is a very straightforward procedure, creating a framework for division that allows for the courts to adequately divide a marriage even when parties do not agree.

Judge’s Input

Community property division is also subject to the judge’s discretion. This means the judge can take in evidence and testimony and can modify how the property is split.

In Texas, judge’s have a wide discretion in making family law decisions. The law permits them to act in the best interest of the children and in the best interest of the fair and equitable split of the marital estate. Specifically judge’s make these decisions if there are issues with one party hiding a part of the estate. They can also decide that one party is not subject to receive a fair split because the separate property of one party may have bought more of the property.

The Texas divorce property split is a much more complicated procedure than discussed above. If you have questions regarding divorce, custody, or child support contact us here HERE. Our trusted and tried lawyers are waiting to help you avoid disaster in divorce. We are here to live up to our mission: We Make People Single.

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