Texas Child Custody

Texas Child Custody

Texas Child Custody

Texas child custody is a very important topic for consideration when going through any family law issue. Custody is determined by a lot of factors, and today we are going to discuss a few of those factors. Remember that this list is not exclusive. If you need advise on what to do with your child custody issue, give a lawyer a call.

Joint Managing Conservatorship

Biggest question and confusion among people is what is joint managing conservatorship (JMC) and is it good or bad. Joint managing conservatorship is the default relationship the law shifts towards when determining custody. Basically, it means that the parties share custody between them.

JMC with the right to determine residence is the subject where most people seem to get lost. This is where both parents have equal rights and determined access to the child or children, but the parent with the right to determine residence is the parent with whom the children live.

JMC is default. As long as both parents are not violent or otherwise unfit, generally the judge orders JMC. Typically JMC is what people think of when they think of Texas child custody, even though they may not realize it.

Standard Possession

These topics deserve and will get their own blog post soon, but for now, let us touch on the other aspect of JMC which is the standard possession order (SPO). The SPO is the alternating weekends that you will see most parents have when they do not have right to determine residence. Typically it is the father that has SPO. And typically SPO leads to the parent having the first, third, and fifth weekend with the child in their custody. They also have alternating holidays, times during the children’s birthdays and extended summers by request as per their order.

Now, this is typical. What does that mean? Well, it means that orders vary from case to case. There are some examples where time is completely split between the parents. Where the children go two weeks with one parent and two with another. Not all family law cases are the same, nor do they have the same outcome.

Texas child custody a much more complicated procedure than discussed above. If you have questions regarding divorce, custody, or child support contact us here HERE. Our trusted and tried lawyers are waiting to help you avoid disaster in divorce. We are here to live up to our mission: We Make People Single.

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