Slip and Fall Incident Lawyers

Slip and Fall Incident Lawyers
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What is a slip and fall incident?

Have you been injured because of a slip and fall incident on the property of another person or business? You may be entitled to compensation. Everyday thousands of people are affected by accidents and unsafe conditions that could have been prevented.

Slip and fall personal injury accidents are one type of personal injury claim. These types of accidents typically result from a failure in footing between the injured party’s shoe and the surface of the floor. In other words, the fall is the result of a slippery floor or surface in order for an actionable lawsuit to exist. The most prime example we see is someone goes to a restaurant or movie theater and slips. The fall they sustain could be life threatening, it could be very painful and result in medical bills the patron never counted on incurring.

Slip and falls are common. Sometimes people are seriously injured, resulting in temporary or permanent conditions. You should know that seeking legal counsel for a potential claim is of the utmost importance. Without delay, if you have been injured, seek an experienced attorney.

There are steps to take in dealing with a slip and fall incident. An incident report is a must, and you should seek one out with the management as soon as you can. For more over incident reports, see HERE. Taking photos and gathering witness information at the scene is also critical. Every detail of the scene and cause of the slip should be noted in a report, with your camera, and by all the witnesses who saw the incident occur.
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