Incident Report

Incident Report
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What is an Incident Report?

An incident report in a slip and fall or any personal injury case is used to create one piece of substantial proof of the incident that occurred and, most importantly, the injury which resulted from that incident. An accident report should be completed immediately after a slip and fall incident. These reports are generated by property owners or business owners following the report of a fall. Therefore, you must report the incident to the appropriate authority at the location immediately or as soon as possible.

An accident report includes information about the conditions at the time the slip and fall occurred, including all details of what the environment was like, the lighting conditions in the area, the floor or ground surface stability and moisture, and any objects or hazards at the time. What type of shoes you were wearing, your mental and/or physical state during the fall as well as many other factors can become a part of the incident report. Definitely, statements of any witnesses should be taken during the accident reporting process.

Witnesses are key here beyond the report. While the report locks in a written explanation of the facts surrounding the fall and injuries, witness statements present testimony that is used to further elaborate the event. You should have their information taken down for yourself and the incident report. This is critical.

It is most critical that you seek out a copy of the incident report before leaving the slip and fall location. This report is vital, you should protect your copy against damage. Remember, time counts as well. If you feel you have been injured in a slip and fall, you should seek the help of a lawyer immediately.

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