Immigration Audits of Employers

Immigration Audits of Employers

Immigration Audits of Employers

A lot of you might be reading the news and watching about these immigration raids going on. Specifically you might be wondering about: immigration audits on employers. What exactly is going on in these situations? Well it is a complicated issue that has the good, the bad, the ugly, and the great.

The Good

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is seeming to tackle those businesses improperly hiring undocumented people. Places where undocumented workers might be used as slave labor or put under harsh, inhuman conditions to create cheap goods and services.

It creates a more honest labor market. Ensures those authorized to work are able and have spots to fill.

The Bad and The Ugly

Truth be told, however, the reason we are seeing so many audits is the work of the Trump administration. Under the guise of his racist administration we are subject to not only a rise in immigration employer audits, but the possible creation a central office for inspecting and investigating employers. You can read more HERE.

It is sufficient to say that ICE is really enforcing a law designed to weed out undocumented immigrants and punish employers, who from time to time, are merely doing the decent thing and giving jobs to the unemployable. Arrests on employers for violating the criminal statute of hiring undocumented labor have gone up for 2018. ICE anticipates the number of arrests could go up to 5000 or more, potentially.

The Great

Great news is that we are your affordable, friendly, neighborhood attorneys on a mission to help everyone we can. Are you threatened by ICE. Looking at prison time for employing undocumented persons? Or want to know more about immigration audits of employers? We can help. Our years of legal defense and immigration can be at your disposal. Contact us HERE. We are always standing by, ready to help.

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