How Bad is a Weed Charge in Texas

How Bad is a Weed Charge in Texas
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How Bad is a Weed Charge in Texas?

Today we are tackling an age old question: how bad is a weed charge in Texas? To be honest, it is pretty bad. But, not without hope. There are numerous ways to defend a weed charge, but let us get into the nitty gritty of what it is and what it can do to your life and then we will explore some options for defense.

The Bad

To begin, we are talking about misdemeanors. See HERE for a break down of the difference, but misdemeanors are inherently not as bad as other charges. That being said, possessing zero to two ounces of weed or two to four ounces of weed is no bueno for a criminal record.

First off, this is a drug offense. Punishable by up to six months in jail or up to one year in jail, respectively, these crimes have consequences well beyond potential jail time. A conviction on any drug offense in Texas is a license suspension. Six months without a license and surcharge fees at the end of that road. If that is not bad enough, a drug conviction means jobs are hard to find, apartments will not rent to you. Loans and student loans? Forget about it. These are all situations where people have to make a decision about you. Anywhere that happens, this will come up as a drug charge and you are boned on a major scale.

What are the alternatives to a conviction? You can do pre-trial diversion in some Texas counties or take deferred adjudication. Problem with deferred is it can still haunt you as a deferred adjudication is not something you can have expunged. That being said, there are possible defenses such as arguing actual possession or usable amount. But you need an experienced attorney to help you out.

The Good

How bad is a weed charge in Texas? It can only get better by calling an experienced attorney like the lawyers at Saldivar Brannan Law Firm. We fight for you and do not stop.
If you are in trouble and feel that you need help, contact us here and we will be there. Call today for your free consultation.

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