Divorce in Texas

Divorce in Texas

Divorce in Texas

Today we are discussing divorce in Texas, and specifically what are unique characteristics of divorce in Texas. This list is not exhaustive, but give you an idea as to the three major unique points of a Texas divorce.


In Texas, at law, there is no spousal support unless one parent is caring for a disabled child or one spouse demonstrates that they cannot meet their basic needs without the support of the other spouse. This is under Title 8 of the Texas Family Code. All of this is discretionary and subject to the judge’s ruling. It also comes with time limits set by law and by the judge. You can also contract for spousal support with your spouse.


Texas is one of nine community property states in the United States. What does that mean? That means everything acquired during the marriage, with the exception of a few types of gifts, belong to both spouses. They have to split this at divorce and either do so through agreement or at the discretion of a judge.


An uncontested divorce exists everywhere. Every state has this option. Whereby people can agree to a divorce. Texas does not have agreed separation, where you file to legally separate. Instead it is easy for couples to decide they want a divorce and to negotiate with themselves to decide how they should split everything. Texas is a great state and like every state, people get the right to chose.


We hope you enjoy our article over: divorce in Texas. If you have questions regarding divorce, custody, or child support contact us here HERE. Our trusted and tried lawyers are waiting to help you avoid disaster in divorce. We are here to live up to our mission: We Make People Single.

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