Deportation Defense Lawyers

Deportation Defense Lawyers
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What are deportation defense lawyers?

Deportation defense lawyers are necessary when you are facing removal proceedings. Removal proceedings are claims brought by Immigration Control Enforcement (I.C.E.) against an individual that they have determined is removable from the United States. The reason for the action can be anything from illegal entry and presence to criminal acts committed by the individual.

A deportation defense lawyer is someone who defends you in these proceedings. You are not given a court appointed attorney, and instead must hire your own. But you are allowed to have counsel and to fight your case. The burden of proof is on you to demonstrate I.C.E. is wrong in their case. If you can demonstrate this, you will have a path to relief that may not result in your removal.

Remember, in the United States you can have several paths to relief in removal proceedings. The key is to decide what are your best options for seeking to stop your removal. Based on your status in the United States these option can range from cancellation of removal to readjustment of status. Your options also depend on how they are trying to remove you.

Being removed for unlawful entry and presence into the United States is not as bad as criminal charges you were convicted of in either federal or state court. A drug conviction in Texas is harder to overcome than unlawful presence, in most instances there is relief for unlawful presence you can pursue. These can affect your defense to removal and the benefits you seek to stop removal.

Overcoming a removal proceeding is a two step process. First, you must be able to meet the burden of disproving your case or be able to factually or statutorily cancel your removal. Then, you must have some form of relief generally. For example, an unlawful immigrant with fifteen years presence in the United States who is married to a U.S. citizen can apply for cancellation of removal for a non-resident and then apply for adjustment of status (a green card) with their spouse.
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