Affordable Criminal Defense Lawyer

Affordable Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Affordable Criminal Defense Lawyer

An affordable criminal defense lawyer can sometimes be difficult to find. You get a Texas DWI, are found with possession of marijuana, or any other criminal matter and you are in the hot seat. Now you have to go through a potential arrest, booking, processing, and then you are on to jail. From there it takes you making bond to get free and then you are left to face your charges. You can get a court appointed attorney at that point, but most people find this difficult. Most court appointed lawyers are great. They work hard to defend you. But there are bad apples in the bunch as with anything in life. The problem is you do not get the choice in your lawyer. So, we came up with a solution.

$500 Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

We charge a flat fee to defend people in Bexar county for misdemeanor offenses only. We work hard and provide chosen and quality legal service to those in need. This is the fee for our services. The use of investigators and other fees, including any fines and court costs, are additional expenses. We charge an additional travel fee of $100 per trip to defend those in all counties bordering Bexar. We work hard to resolve your case in the most beneficial manner. Can we win every case? No. Can we fight every case tooth and nail? Yes. Can we fight every case without breaking your wallet? Yes. We are here to give you the option to defend yourself on your terms.

Need Help?

Call today. We are eager and ready to defend those in need. Call us day or night at 2103632687. It does not cost anything to talk to us. All consultation are free and we are always available to answer your most pressing legal questions. Saldivar Brannan Law Firm, your affordable criminal defense lawyer. Located in San Antonio, Texas.

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